Saturday, February 26, 2011

Being Blessed

Happy weekend! I'm a little behind updating but for the sake of documenting everything I'm going to back up to include some events.

Back at the beginning of the school year we found out about a mentoring program the district was organizing to give some students the opportunity to build strong and positive relationships and in turn have some extra motivation when it comes to their test scores. I signed up for two sweet girls and have had fun getting to know them. A few Saturdays ago we took a pizza out to Caddo Lake and played on the playground and took a hike on the nature trail. It was such a beautiful day!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of chaperoning a group from church to pre-teen camp. It had been forever since I had been to camp! The worship was great and we met some great friends in our cabin. Olivia was the only girl and had a great time stepping out on her own and meeting new friends. She even played in the mud.
My sister came to town this weekend and we've just relaxed and eaten good. This afternoon we're going to do some shopping and go out to eat with some family. Good times!


  1. I knew I was in texas this year for sure when the festival we went to had an armadillo petting zoo. I love the mentoring and guidance you're giving those girls!

  2. What happened to your blog LeeAnn?!

  3. Are you still a teacher?

    If so, how about teaching your pupils sth useful ... like printing?

    From Blog Posts or Notebook to Book : Part I, up to reproducible originals

    Part II, from reproducible originals to books you can turn the pages of

    Note, I don't know what your subject is, and I did NOT add "for a change".

    If you were teaching evolution and I knew it, I would, though.